My name is Franki Rocher, Osteopath D.O (My history)


Any kind of health problem can be treated with osteopathy.

  • Osteopathy is not a technique but a complete and global concept of Medicine for cure any kind of malady and illness. I treat your health with a global vision of health which includes material (anatomy), mental and spiritual. I can’t separate the human being, is imposible when I try to treat your problem of health.


We are anatomy, physical struture. As A.T Still father of osteopathy used to say. Our body is anatomic material interconnected with millions of nervous, digestive, molecular, muscular, fascial, hormonal structures. Our structure let us live in relation with our environment. Our health depends profoundly of the capacity of our body to adjust this relationship with the environment with our body senses.


Osteopathy as I practice is almost every time in relation with structure or body, or anatomy. One of the principles of Osteopathy shows me to feel the structure to know how it functions. Structure determines function or physiology. Function, symptom or pain is an effect of structure.


Malady, symptom or pain is not the cause. Is just the effect. An effect consequence of a cause situated in the structure or anatomy. So this is why if you come to see me I don’t work directly on your pain zone.


And when we treat the cause, what happens?


So this is a place where there is no pain, no symptom, because it has no movement, trapped in space and time from a long time ago.


So this is the essence of working with osteopathy, to let the movement free as it should be as Nature has design it. So health is the effect of a natural structure movement.


And what happens when we move or treat a Cause? Appears the response of the body, and a principle of Nature. Autorregulation.


Your body needs to readjust, for work in health, and you feel no pain. And this often requires time, because Nature needs time to readjust, is his own language. But we live in a world with human laws and no natural laws. And we need pain goes away immediately, and this is often impossible because TIME has produce our caused our pain. We live in a society of effects, we treat just effects but our body someday will talk and say is not possible to go on. So appears the malady or symptom.


My objective is to remove causes, so let the body work, so let the physiology to manifest as Nature has design it.


We are much more than simply anatomy, we are alive, and our anatomy has consciousness, our structures of our body as are in Nature and have consciousness, are alive, and this is a great change in our view of health.