Osteopathy and consciousness treatment

Body tissues are alive and conscious


 This is why they respond to my relationship with them. What means relating to them?


My palpation is my main tool. Subtle, but it allows me to go deep, always respecting what the tissues of the body need that moment.


But the most important thing is to be present during the treatment. What allows me to communicate with the body in a fair way, and therefore be more powerful in my work. For this, silence and closing my eyes are a great help.


Releasing the cranial base, where there is often a lot of trapped energy and little mobility, will allow me to start communicating with the body, and will help me access other areas of the body.


Communicate the body,


Allows me to access isolated and deep areas with little mobility. What are the cause of the symptom and disease. Where there is often deep and old information that the body did not know how to manage when was received.


Releasing these isolated areas allows the Nervous System, Blood and Energy to circulate more freely.

The body thus begins to work on its self-healing and self-regulation capacity. The healing process begins and the body's pharmacy begins to act thanks to a better circulation of Blood and body fluids.


But also, we are more than a body, and our Being often expresses through illness that it did not live things fairly in the past, or that in the present we are not living in tune with what we should, our body and Soul are not in tune. Also working with the Being, the non-material part of our body, will be of vital importance to allow Health to express itself again.


Osteopathy is much more than crunching and manipulating bones.

Release the living and conscious anatomy, thanks to a subtle and deep palpation,

and fair communication.

It allows physiology, energy and all body fluids to move freely.

Thus, Health can express itself freely.