We are matter, energy and spirit.

We are more than matter and anatomy, we are more than we can see and touch, and this is not only what I say, but it is the debate of thousands and thousands of years of human history. It seems that there is someone who governs this body and accumulation of anatomical structures and physiological reactions. 


I know that this is an open debate and not scientifically demonstrable, but Osteopathy does not follow science but Natural laws, and in Nature we only see effects and not Causes. We can only see effects. But this debate is there for everyone who wants to investigate it. But I believe that there is an I in us that directs the body and anatomical machine that we see, and as Osteopath I choose and agree to work with her when required. Humanity and society live in a rhythm that is not what Nature wants. We live disconnected from our needs, and the most important ones are happiness and love. Something we can only feel and achieve when we are in the OWN WAY of each one, connected with our I. And this feels, it manifests in our body when it is so. We just have to look at those little things that make us happy in our day to day, simple things and that make happiness emanate from our heart. Where many say it is the house of that part NOT MATERIAL OR THAT I that runs our machine. Andrew, father of Osteopathy already said it often: 


"In the first place the PHYSICAL HEART is formed, in which the SPIRITUAL installs an office to supervise and supply what is necessary to build the human body or any animal, fish, reptile or bird."

(AT Still) 


The father of Osteopathy and many others have recognized and worked with it for the good of the advancement and health of humanity. Therefore, as Osteopath I consider that there is a job here that I cannot put aside when I try to help you find Health and Happiness in your Life. And I think we all have Health inside us, we just have to be willing to want it to manifest, and this is often a long journey. Many diseases and symptoms come to our lives to tell us that we are not on the road and something is wrong. Listening to them and arriving at the cause often NON-MATERIAL is a path that as an osteopath I want to take into account. 


As an Osteopath, I want to be that FULCRO OR SUPPORT necessary to allow your I to manifest and make you feel happiness and Health. 


If you come to see me we will work taking into account your anatomy or material part, but also your emotions and your spiritual part. We cannot separate anything on the road to your Health. Sometimes Health comes right away, but sometimes disease and discomfort is just the beginning towards a path that will make you find your Health and Happiness. In Fulcrum I am willing to help you. 


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