Everything in the UNIVERSE is continuously receiving ENERGY. And energy we know that it also implies INFORMATION. 


Continually vital structures are receiving energy and information at all times. Otherwise there could be no Life. And this as we have said before is manifested with the MOVEMENT in cycles and in equilibrium. And when I talk about vital structures I mean everything in the universe, from planets, seas, forests, trees, plants and of course, WE, our cells, tissues, organs, body systems ... etc. Everything is in continuous ENERGY exchange. 


This energy exchange can be felt with our hands on the body of a person, and it manifests itself with EXPANSION when they receive INFORMATION, and with REMOVAL when they ELIMINATE them. We can therefore say that Life manifested through MOVEMENT is a continuous exchange of information. 


But this life is also AWARE !!!!


Which means that you have the ability to REACT all of the information that comes to you continuously. This means that you ACCEPT OR NOT ACCEPT. It is able to receive it or not.  


And when he is not able to digest it, to accept it and let it go, ACCUMPTION OF EVIL INFORMATION ACCEPTED IN US that arrived in the past to our body are created, and that arrive continuously now while you read these words. ALL THE LIVING STRUCTURES OF OUR BODY ARE CONTINUOUSLY DIGITING INFORMATION at all times. 


When they accept them and they are well received, everything goes well, but when it is not so, they often remain in our body being conditioning in our future life and also in the present. 


What kind of INFORMATION can reach our body?


CHEMICALS Feeds, medications, vaccines, ... etc. All the chemical we ingest is also information that reaches our body. 

TRAUMATIC OR PHYSICAL. Physical energies that reached our body such as falls, traffic accidents, births, etc ...

and of course, the EMOTIONAL. All those emotions that we did not know how to digest in their day remain in our body in the form of energy. Emotions in this life, during a previous life, or emotions that we don't know how but they pass from one generation to another in our family. 


Therefore, look at how this ENERGY and INFORMATION that comes to your body when it is not well managed is stored and manifests itself with an increasingly worse VITALITY, with an increasingly unbalanced vital rhythm and that sooner or later will end up forming what everyone We know as a symptom or disease. 


Energy and Information that stagnates in your anatomical structure and that will prevent the good mobility of your anatomy, a good manifestation of PHYSIOLOGY, or what is the same, the balanced circulation of blood and nervous information. And later will appear the EFFECT, your symptom and discomfort. 


But we are more than a body, and there is a NON-MATERIAL part in us that may also be causing discomfort and illness.