Who is Franki Rocher?





My name is Franki Rocher, and I currently live in La Paz (Bolivia) where I work as an Osteopath D.O.


Why osteopath?


Because I think that the human being has all the resources within to live in Health and Happiness.

Working with my hands, I try to be the fulcrum, who allows resources within patients to express health.


And why Osteopathy?


Because principles work in harmony with Nature and the Universe, the same govern the human being. We are Nature and its principles live within us. If we respect them we live happy and find our Health.

My Training

My life as a therapist began in 1994 while studying in the University in Castellon (UJI)  (https://www.uji.es/estudis/oferta/base/graus/actual/cafe/) for Teacher of Physics Education since 1993 to 1996 when I did my first approach to Anatomy and Physiology.


Simultaneously, in 1994 did my first approach as a therapist while studying for Massage and Manual Therapist in the School MANS from Castellon. Both did my first approach in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Specially in the “Anatomía para el Movimiento” books I and II from Blandine Calais.. Anatomic and Physiological Bases of Movement. 

    • Level 1 (240h). https://www.escuelamans.com/cursos/curso-de-masaje-nivel-i/
    • Level 2 (240h). https://www.escuelamans.com/cursos/curso-de-masaje-nivel-avanzado/
    • Also I did my first approach and introduced to MANUAL THERAPY and did the MECHANICAL APPROACH. https://www.escuelamans.com/cursos/curso-de-osteopatia-estructural/. (9 months, 1 weekend for month)

Following years I worked as a private massage and manual therapist and work for two years in Football Club in Gandia (Valencia). Also, that time I studied for manual bandages with the physiotherapist from F.C Barcelona, Toni Bové. 

Finally in 1999, I did my first contact to Osteopathy but was firstly required  to study Physiotherapy in Rovira and Virgili University in Reus  to adjust to requirements for a Level II in Bologna Treated. 

While studying physiotherapy I go deep in the knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, but also in medical studies as pathology, neurology, respiratory, pharmacology, surgery….etc. you can check all them here. https://www.urv.cat/ca/estudis/graus/oferta/plans/ciencies-salut/fisioterapia-grau/. and did clinica practices in several clinics to approach several patients, including those with neurological problems. 


Then, in 2002 I began my studies of Osteopathy in ECO for 6 years (https://escuelaosteopatiaeco.com/), following the requirements for Bologna Treated, type II. Since then, my life has been dedicated to Osteopathy, always in private practice, but specially for Children Osteopathy since I read Sutherland and Viola Frymann books. 


My postgraduate Studies

  • “Osteopathy and Children” Claudine Ageron D.O (http://www.ageronmarque.fr/publications/articles/approche-osteopathique-de-la-colique-des-nouveaux-nes-et-des-nourrissons/)
  • “Osteopathy and gynecology, and pregnancy”, Claudine Ageron D.O
  • “Transgeneracional gynecology”, Christine Michelle. D.O
  • During 10 years, made 1st and 2nd Level of work with Tissue Consciousness with Pierre Tricot D.O. (https://www.approche-tissulaire.fr/point-depart.html). 
  • 2016. Master Osteopathy. Universidad Atlántico. (https://osteopatia.estn.es/titulacion-plan-estudios-superiores-osteopatia.php)
  • 2020. Master Clinic Integration Sanasport ( https://www.sanasport.es/formacion-destacado/master-en-integracion-clinica-osteopatica).


Actually, working as Osteopath D.O  since 2008, in private practice since I graduated in ECO after 6 years of post graduate  and partial time studies. (https://escuelaosteopatiaeco.com/)


My influencies

My great influence has been what I learned with Pierre Tricot D.O with whom I learned that the Structure of the Body has a Consciousness and is alive, and we can work to free it and thus express health. Being the Fulcrum that the patient needs for health to express itself.


Another important part of my training as an osteopath has been the translation of the books by ANDREW TAYLOR STILL and W.G Sutherland into Spanish. From then on I realised the essentials of Osteopathy and that it cannot be practiced without knowing life and work of its founder, Andrew Taylor Still, and for this reason I decided to translate his books. In addition, the father of Cranial Osteopathy has been another important part of my work as an osteopath.


My Translations and writings


My Translations to Spanish

  • • "Osteopathy; Research and Practice ”. Andrew Taylor Still.
  • • "Autobiography" (1908) Andrew Taylor Still.
  • • "Philosophy of Osteopathy". Andrew Taylor Still. (1899)
  • • "With thinking fingers" Biography of WG Sutherland. Concept father osteopathic cranial.
  • • "Osteopathy in the Cranial Field” First Edition (Harold I. Magoun). First official book of the osteopathy in the cranial field. Published in 1951.


My writings


• "Osteopathy for the Child and the Family".

• "Tissue Consciousness”. 


All them available here.

  • https://www.fulcrumosteopatia.com/libros-de-osteopatia-fulcrum/

My Practice and Clinical Experience






Since 2002, mi private practice as Osteopath D.O has been in many places in Spain; Gandia, Valencia, Ibiza, Javea, Denia…etc. but also in Buenos Aires, Bolivia, Peru..etc.

My work with children

Osteopathy with Children shows me a medicine for the future.

When digging on I find lots of bent twigs because of a difficult birth and pregnancy.  

Consciousness tissue Osteopathy helps them a lot.

  • 2004-06. As a student of osteopathy with Children with development difficulties in the School Joan XXIII and the Centro Acogida San Francisco de Asís (https://www.franciscanostor.org/) for two years.
  • As Osteopath D.O I worked with Children with development and health difficulties in,
    • CAT Cavall Bernant in Llaurí (Valencia) (year 2011-13) (https://www.facebook.com/Centre-Estimulaci%C3%B3-Temprana-Cavall-Bernat-Llaur%C3%AD-961456583923055/)
    • APNEEF in IBIZA (year 2018-20)  (https://www.apneef.org/es/servicios/servicio-de-desarrollo-infantil-y-atencion-temprana-sediap). 

In both, I was part of a therapeutic team with physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologists and medical doctors.  

  • 2022. Actually, I am working with Children in the Hospital del Niño in La Paz (Bolivia). Practicing osteopathy with Children with Neurological Problems. 

“Know and Experience how osteopathy helps Children and me, 

is my best achievement as Osteopath”

Freeing life

My teachings

Teaching Osteopathy in different schools in Spain, Argentina, Peru and Chile. 


• INOVA School of Osteopathy in Valencia and Santiago de Chile.

• The National University of Córdoba (Argentina) where I teach the. University post graduate of "Tissue Awareness".

• The SANASPORT School in León and Bilbao (Spain).

• The School of Osteopathy of Lima (Peru). Where I teach the Cranial Approach.

• Buenos Aires, at the Fulcrum school and the EAO. Where I work as a clinical

teacher, supporting students in their clinical practices with their own patients.


• The ECO school in Spain, in Barcelona and Madrid.

BOLIVIA. Santa Cruz de la Sierra and La Paz (Bolivia). 




 My main teachings: 


  • "The Cranial Field. (W.G Sutherland Concept)
  • "My way back home". GOT treatment and Philosophy and Concept of Osteopathy from Andrew Taylor Still texts and books. https://www.fulcrumosteopatia.com/fulcrum-el-estudio-del-mecanismo-respiratorio-primario/el-camino-a-casa-la-osteopat%C3%ADa-de-andrew-taylor-still/
  • Tissue Consciousness. Osteopathy work with consciousness of the body structure. https://www.fulcrumosteopatia.com/fulcrum-el-estudio-del-mecanismo-respiratorio-primario/la-conciencia-tisular/ 

My podcast





Also, I frequently do a RADIO PROGRAM periodically, “Thoughts of Osteopathy“, dedicated to the past, present and future of Osteopathy. Where I discuss the different

situations and approaches of Osteopathy with osteopaths all around the world. You can find it and listen here. 




Thanks, Franki Rocher D.O