As an OSTEOPATH with my hands and knowledge of the Human Being I can know how your body is, how your Nervous and hormonal System is, and help you find causes of YOUR INSOMNIA.


The good function of the Nervous System is essential for you to sleep. The nervous system of your body is an element that must be free to act and allow the restorative function of sleep to carry out its work.

As an osteopath I find causes of this imbalance and poor nerve function when I touch your skull, spine, sacrum, and digestive system that make it difficult for you to sleep. With the life we lead, our body tissues and joints often lose their natural mobility, thus oppressing the nerves, the brain, thus preventing its proper function, and among them your ability to sleep well and in balance. And also your ability to rest, to get up rested. Often all your tensions are preventing your brain from having a good blood supply, and from your body correctly receiving healthy blood with nutrients, no matter how healthy you eat, if it does not circulate, if the nerves do not move the blood, it will not reach its destiny and will fulfill its function.


But also, it is known that many emotions and tensions of physical and chemical origin are reflected in your body. And when I work with my hands on your body, it can help you free yourself from these tensions that once appeared as a result of blows or falls, accidents, bad eating habits, vaccinations, excess medication, and much more importantly, badly experienced emotions that are not they let you rest.



and Osteopathy can help you get rid of it and thus recover your ability to rest and sleep.