What is Osteopathy?

It is a MEDICINE shown by an American doctor in the 19th century, Andrew Taylor Still. Who showed that the LAWS OF NATURE act in the body.


What are these laws?


  • EVERYTHING IN THE BODY IS INTERCONNECTED thanks to the sanguine, nervous and energetic information. What explains that what happens in one part of the body, affects the whole.
  • The DISEASE OR SYMPTOM is the EFFECT of a badly connected body and its surroundings.
  • The state of the ANATOMY OR BODY STRUCTURE shows if it is working correctly.
  • THE BODY HAS ITS OWN PHARMACY AND IS ABLE TO SELF-CORRECT AND SELF-REGULATE BY ITSELF. When the blood circulates without obstacles, it carries with it all the medicines necessary for Health.

What is an OSTEOPATH?