What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a science, is a medicine, and has a concept of health, a concept of malady. 


A MEDICINE discovered by a Doctor in S. XIX, Andrew Taylor Still. 


Is practiced by an Osteopath D.O who only works with his own hands, and his knowledge of the body and a BASIC PRINCIPLES: 


  • BODY is interconnected in his different parts and the environment where he lives.
    • What happens in a part of the body is related with other and the symptom, is connected with the rest of parts of the body.
    • Also lives in his environment and relates. The quality of his relation becomes health or malady. Everything is impressed in the body, in the STRUCTURE of the body.
  • ANATOMIC STRUCTURE determines PHYSIOLOGY. When osteopaths touches the body find causes of MALADY, or perverted physiology. 
  • HUMAN BEING also is a MACHINE alive and CONSCIOUSNESS, and has MIND and SPIRIT. Everything is related when we search for causes of malady. 
  • FREEDOM in the CIRCULATION OF INFORMATION is basic in HEALH. Blood, nervious, fluidic and energetic information must be free for health to express. If not, the effect is MALADY.
  • Body can cure by himself. This is the effect of a good circulation and a relation between his own parts and the environment where he lives. 

Osteopathy always helps in malady

Malady is the EFFECT of a bad relationship and circulation of information in human body:

  • When blood is retarded in his circulation, can´t do his work.
  • When blood doesn´t returns to heart for renovation. The effect is fermentation, and DIRTINESS. 
  • When NERVIOUS INFORMATION is retarded. 
  • and the ENERGY in also blocked. 

From this moment on human being is beginning to create malady, CAUSES OF MALADY, maybe today or maybe with the pass of time,