Osteopathy helps in your pregnancy

Many times during pregnancy your health, your body changes in this new process that starts. Pain and symptoms often appear that were not there before.


But something equally important, is to be able to offer that space to this new being that begins to live and develop within you. And while all this happens, it can be done in a place where physical and emotional health prevail.


Otherwise he will feel the effects during all that time he lives inside you.


A space and development that will depend to a large extent on your lifestyle and health, but also on how your body, mind and spirit live this new process in which you are beginning to live. And how not, how can you live and accept all that happens that new being that lives within you?


When this does not happen Your body does not accept this new process well, your mind does not accept this change, when this new being feels uncomfortable in this new place is when the symptoms and discomforts that are often reflected in your body and mind appear, but will also affect the health of your baby.

The hands and the knowledge of the osteopath helps you.

With his hands explore the state of your body: The state of your skull, spine and nervous system.


  • So you can sleep and rest at night.
  • So that you live in peace this new stage.
  • Do not have headaches or spine.
  • Digestive discomforts that did not exist before.

... ... and many more discomforts that derive from this bad state of the organization of your body. But the osteopath knows that your mental and spiritual state also have repercussions, and he takes them into account and takes care of them when they affect the health of your body.

Your baby also needs attention in this period.

He needs your body to allow you to move and be comfortable. A body without physical or emotional stress.


A body that is ready to allow you to be born in the best conditions. Since he knows that his way of being born will be a health condition for his life.

That is why during your pregnancy the osteopath not only takes care of your health, but also that of your baby. He wants both of you to live in health during this period of life.


 The osteopath helps you in this moment of life. He knows how to manage with his hands, his anatomical knowledge of the body and its therapeutic presence, physical and emotional problems of this period that often manifest themselves in symptoms in your body.

The osteopath prepares you physically and emotionally for childbirth.


Childbirth is a unique moment in life and needs a body and mind well ready to live it correctly. The osteopath knows this and when it is necessary he helps you with his knowledge, sensitivity and therapeutic presence. Know that your mental and physical mobility will rebound in a good birth, and work accordingly on your body.


... and it is after the birth, that the osteopath helps you in the health of your baby.