Osteopathy helps in your Mental health

As an osteopath with my hands I find signs that show me the causes of discomfort in your body and in your mind. That discomfort that can be shown as a pathology or a physical or emotional illness. I do not intend to speak from statistics or predictions but from what I perceive in your body from my knowledge and relationship with it. A body whose structure is alive, and therefore we can say that it "lives" everything that happens in its day to day, and ends up registering in its cellular brain, thus being a determinant for future life. My emotions are marked in the body and affect its functioning.


ALL that is lived or lived, and will be lived is recorded in the structure of the human body, when an osteopath touches and feels the structure with his hands he can perceive the state of Life in it, he can connect with what was lived by her, and therefore to find emotional experiences that ended up registering in her small cell brain that has every STRUCTURE OR ANATOMIC PART OF YOUR BODY. This is so and life is largely emotional experiences, DECISIONS that we had to make in order to survive and move on, and have an impact on how the "physiology" or "movement" or emotional "expression" of that person is manifesting. However,


What happens then if the osteopath with his hands "adjusts to the normal state" this structure?


Could the “physiological or emotional expression” be affected?


I think that from the structure as osteopaths that we work with the principles of Human Life we can do great things to benefit the emotional state of our patient, and we can even help you find causes of it and solve them.

But I want to make something clear so that there is no confusion. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists, we access emotional health with our hands and feeling the state of that structure, from our relationship with it. We do not manage those emotions as a psychologist or psychiatrist would. We simply believe that when we remove obstacles, whether physical or emotional, health appears and manifests itself. Wisdom or health appears and manifests itself when it has no obstacles to it. It's as simple as "find it, correct it and leave it alone" (AT Still).


Why can I go to an osteopath if I am depressed?

The body often hides information that the osteopath with his hands can help you detect and solve.


 Emotions are energy retained in our body


Many times we find experiences of our lives that are embodied in the tissues of our body, and that we have not known so far to manage them correctly. The structure of the human body is made of energy and if we know how to read the signals of the body, we can access all that energy and give it a solution.


 Our body speaks beyond words if we learn to listen to it.


 And it is from this listening attitude that when an osteopath touches a mentally or physically ill body, he encounters a body that has a diminished energy, which is why the person is often tired. The hands of the osteopath detect a poorly mobile body structure, with little vitality, and this vitality is often much more pronounced in places of reference for the health of the body such as the cranial system and the visceral area. The information that we are not able to manage in our current life is impregnated in the structure of our body. Learning to read them we can also access your solution, and Osteopathy is a great tool for this. In our body many times we find stagnant energy that manifests as motionless areas at the hands of the osteopath and that they are telling you that there Life is not working properly. That's where the osteopath's hands are going to act to start allowing that information and energy to start moving.


 Life is in the Movement, and if our body begins to move, we will begin to feel alive.


 Because depression is often linked to NO movement, which manifests in our mental state but also in the structure of the living body. Life has stopped expressing itself in our body. Often there are emotional information that we are not aware of but that are reflected in the human body, and that the osteopath's hands can detect. This emotional information can be related to emotional states that at the moment of current life we are not able to solve and manage, and that often have origins in the past. Situations of life that make us sad, angered us and we end up resigning ourselves, life situations that we have long endured without wanting to and not knowing how to solve it, spiteful situations