We are Living and Conscious Anatomy

The Anatomical Structure of the Body is Alive





The first thing is that it manifests through the MOVEMENT, it is in this way that when I touch the anatomy with my hands and feel its movement I know that it is alive, EVERYTHING THAT IS ALIVE is manifested with the movement.


This movement is also manifested by CYCLES. Which implies that BORN IS ISSUED AND DIES. This is not as complicated as it seems. Look at a wave of the sea. It is born, it reproduces until it reaches its highest point, and then gradually it goes off until it dies and disappears. But also when you contract a muscle to take a bag, it contracts, it stays until it finally relaxes. This is an energy cycle, and we can see it in everything. EVERY NATURE WORKS BASED ON THIS CYCLE LAW. And we as part of that Nature function with that same law. Look what happens when you breathe. You take air, consume it and expel it. That air enters, feeds the cells of your body and expels what is no longer useful. The same happens when you eat in your cells, they fill up, and little by little they get smaller when they digest and eventually eliminate what is no longer useful.


But in addition to the cycle, RHYTHM, THE BALANCE OF THAT CYCLE, is important. Everything that is in Nature needs to ingest and eliminate, fill and empty in a balanced way ... and if this rhythm is broken, it is when the DISEASE is gradually created, well because we eat too much, or because we do not eliminate. The disease is the result of the imbalance between what enters and leaves, between what is ingested and eliminated. If water and food do not arrive we get sick, but the same happens if we eat and drink excessively.


Plants, animals, but also the anatomical structures of our body. Every vital structure and any element of Nature. Be it cells, atoms, organs, trees, animals, tides, day and night ... etc. All LIVING STRUCTURES need that this vital movement be in balance, that the food arrives and leaves in a balanced way.

And here we come to another of the principles of Osteopathy and Nature, the LAW OF ARTERY, the blood has to come and go in a balanced way, and this we can also say about nervous information. All nervous information must enter and leave the body in a balanced way.


 With my hands as an osteopath when I play the BODY ANATOMY I can feel that movement and work with it. I can feel the cycle and feel if it is in balance or not, so I can perceive whether there is HEALTH OR NOT.


 The balance between the two is HEALTH.






This balance between what is ingested and eliminated can be felt in the body with a rhythm of expansion and retraction that if in balance is the manifestation of Health. But everything in the universe works with ENERGY. All Living structures need to consume energy (food) and dispose of what is left in a balanced way to live in Health. And when we talk about Energy, we have to talk about INFORMATION ... Do we continue? ....