Did you have a bad pregnancy, full of emotions and discomfort?

Was the delivery by caesarean section, forceps...?

Did your baby come breech?

Did they medicate you during childbirth? Epidural, oxytocin...etc.

Were you stressed before and during labor?

Was your delivery very fast, or did it take a long time to come out?


All this and much more may have been impregnated in the body of your baby and yours, thus affecting its STRUCTURE, its FUNCTION, thus preventing HEALTH from expressing itself.

The CHILD'S BODY is a highly mobile structure that adapts to all vital processes.


But often, during this vital process, you receive a lot of INFORMATION (physical, chemical, emotional), that your body does not know how to manage, decreasing the mobility of your LIVING ANATOMY, and having repercussions on the PHYSIOLOGY of your BODY, which sooner or later will express a SYMPTOM.


ALL THESE CIRCUMSTANCES often remain marked on the body of the child and the mother. They stay there as tensions, as immobile areas, circulatory, hormonal changes... etc., which with the passage of time progressively decrease the good nervous and blood circulation of your child's body.


And although they have been there for a long time, it is now when you see the EFFECT,

your child doesn't eat, doesn't sleep well, doesn't do well at school, he's always nervous and crying, and many more changes in growth and health.