Who is Franki Rocher

Actually working as Osteopath D.O in Marina Alta, (Spain)


  • Osteopath D.O in 2008, (6 years) in ECO Barcelona.
  • Physiotherapist in Reus University (Cataluña). 
  • Teacher of Sport and Physical Education in 1997, in Castellón University (Valencia).

What do I work today?

Working as Osteopath D.O in Denia, with Children and newborns, and Family with health and learning problems. Also with family, pregnant and adult maladies. 


Teaching Osteopathy in various schools in Spain, Argentina, Peru and Chile. 


My principal teachings are: 

  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field. (W.G Sutherland Concept)
  • "My way back home". GOT treatment and Philosophy and Concept of Osteopathy from Andrew Taylor Still texts and books. 
  • Osteopathy work with consciousness of the body structure. 

Which are the influencies in my work as osteopath?

My principal influence has been the translation to Spanish Andrew Taylor Still books (father of Osteopathy). Understand and feel his concept every day I work as osteopath. My translation work has been: 


Books of A.T Still:

  • "Biography of A.T Still" (1908)
  • "Philosophy of Osteopathy" (1899)
  • "Osteopathy: Research and Practice" 

Books of W.G Sutherland: 

  • "With Thinking fingers". Biography of Will.

Cranial Books: 

  • "Osteopathy in the Cranial Field". Harold Ives Magoun (First Edition 1951).


My other principal influence has been my formation with Pierre Tricot in Tissue Approach. First and Second level of formation. This way of working is my day by day method of work. 


Others Formations: 

  • ""Life of Newborn. Work of Osteopathy" (Claudine Ageron)
  • "Transgenerational Gynecology".  (Christine Michell)
  • "Gynecology and Osteopathy".