Osteopathy session in Fulcrum

In Fulcrum the Anatomy is conscious.


This means that from the beginning of the session it is important that you I'm in intimate relationship with your body.


He continually expresses small things in his ANATOMY, where information often appears that needs to be addressed in order for your HEALING PROCESS to begin.


 There are EMOTIONS, CHEMICAL PROCESSES AND PHYSICAL ENERGY poorly managed by your BODY, which prevent Health from expressing itself.


 And that's when FULCRUM acts.


Giving a support, so that all that BAD ENERGY MANAGED in the CONSCIOUS ANATOMY OF YOUR BODY is put to circulate again, and it is at this moment when your BODY BEGINS TO WORK to recover its HEALTH.

The CIRCULATIONS IN YOUR BODY ARE ACTIVATED and your body begins to work to recover YOUR HEALTH.

In FULCRUM the important thing is not the technique but the support that we give to the anatomy of your body.


 Thanks to my FULCRO the body starts working to recover its HEALTH.


The CRANIAL BASE is the greatest mechanical fulcrum of the body, and must be free for the healing process to take place. The biggest fulcrum of your body is the DURAMADRE or cranial membrane. If you are FREE and BALANCED, HEALTH emerges, otherwise your body does not function in health.


As Fulcrum,

I do not cure, that's impossible for me,

I only allow the obstacles to disappear,

and the result is HEALTH.


What is Osteopathy?