Osteopathy and Consciousness

"We are Conscious Body (Anatomy), which lives and relates every day to its surroundings.

Much of what we live; Traumas, emotions, and the chemistry that enters our body creates a memory that conditions our way of living and relating.


Each, atom, cell, organs, tissues ... of our body is related from that memory.


Health is the result of that good relationship,

when it is not, the effect will sooner or later be discomfort and illness. "

Franki Rocher D.O

Physical Health

Our body interconnects and relates to each other.


All the systems of our body are connected and impact each other.When blood and nerves circulate in balance is when we feel Health.


Any disease of your body can help you with osteopathy.

Mental health

Emotions not only affect our mind, but each structure of our body.

Everything we live without accepting it will sooner or later cause discomfort in our body.


We have created many characters from which we live and interact, thus maintaining the disease.


How do I help you with osteopathy in your mental health?


  • Colic, digestive disorders.
  • Insomnia, irritability, disconsolate crying ..
  • Asthma, otitis, constant mucus, respiratory disorders. 
  • Difficulties in learning and development. Talk, listen and learn.

The body and its normal functions can be altered by births and difficult pregnancies.


  • Heartburn, constipation, back pain, fatigue, depression ... etc.

During pregnancy your health is impacted by chemical and emotional factors. And even, blow and unexpected falls.

All this affects your body and your baby's, preventing your health and a delivery in physiological conditions.


At Fulcrum we help you with sensitive and wise hands that allow health to express itself in you and in your baby.

How does an Osteopath allow health?

The osteopath only works with his hands, his knowledge and a respect and sensitivity towards the life that lives in all the structures of our body.


Thanks to a just relationship with her, he can find the causes of our discomfort. Allowing Health to express itself.


Work on the CAUSE


That is often far from the EFFECT OR SYMPTOM.

That is always where there is NO NATURAL MOBILITY.



Only when this is possible does our HEALING begin.

The body begins to COMMUNICATE.

SELF-REGULATION is possible.

The Body can adapt to what it lives.

And the result is an AUTOCURATIVE CAPACITY of our body that allows us to live in Health.



It is only in this way that THE PHARMACY OF YOUR BODY acts for you, for your healing.

The Osteopath does not cure you,

it only allows your body's pharmacy to start working.

And this is how Health expresses itself without obstacles.

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