And if once the baby is born; you do not have time to go alone to practice pilates ...


We have developed personal classes with your baby, from 0 to 12 months approx. , it's fun and helps to secure secure attachment, also stimulate the baby's psychomotor!

At the same time that you perform your practice you will be able to sing, caress, which will improve your emotional development, you will help stimulate linguistics and you will also contribute to the development of your self-confidence ... among other things.


 What are you waiting to try it? This is your chance!


And if after the birth you lost your figure and your metabolism slowed down ... It's not all lost !!!!


We have PERSONALIZED POSTPARTUM CLASSES where we will work the core in a deep way, using hypopressives (creating an abd hypopressure that restores the pelvic floor and the balanced activity of the diaphragm, indispensable for a correct blood and lymphatic circulation)


I will adapt to your time availability whenever possible.